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AdMob Free vs AdMob Pro Plugin for Cordova and Ionic

There are a few plugins out there when it comes to AdMob implementation. Two of the best plugins that I have found are the AdMob Pro and the AdMob Free plugin. In this post I want to take a moment and tell you why you should use the AdMob Free plugin over the AdMob Pro plugin.

If you take a look at the list of plugins in the cordova registry here you will see that there are a lot of AdMob plugins out there. Some of the plugins are mediation adapters. The three plugins that provide decent AdMob support are as follows

  1. cordova-plugin-admob by floatinghotpot
  2. cordova-admob-pro by floatinghotpot
  3. cordova-plugin-admob-free by ratson

Let’s take a loot at these plugins one by one and determine which is the best.

1) cordova-plugin-admob by floatinghotpot

This plugin is created by the Raymond Xie who goes by the github username floatinghotpot. The plugin is absolutely free. But there is not Ionic Native wrapper for this plugin available.Using this plugin you can only show Banner and Interstitial ads, you cannot show Reward Video ads using this plugin. Hence, I will not recommend using this at all.

2) cordova-admob-pro by floatinghotpot

This is the pro version of the previous plugin. It is created and maintained by floatinghotpot as well. The plugin has Ionic Native wrapper available here. The plugin can be used to show Banner, Interstitial as well as Reward Video Ads.

But this plugin is Not Free. The plugin will automatically take 2% off you add revenue once your app makes more than $1000. If you do not want to take 2% revenue you can buy a license for $20. You can read more about the license.

As google AdMob does not disclose how much revenue an app has made. This plugin will estimate when you app will make $1000 and then take 2% revenue. All of this sounds very unclear to me. Also, there is no saying if the revenue will be increased form 2% to 10$?

For those reasons I will not recommend using this plugin.

3) cordova-plugin-admob-free by ratson

The third and final plugin of our list its the cordova-plugin-admob by the github user ratson. The plugin is totally open source and free. Moreover you can show All the ad formats available. Ionic Native does have wrapper for it here.

As you can see from the feature list here. This plugin really stands out.And I would Highly recommend it.


I have also written an E-book which goes in details in implementing various Ad Formats and Monetization techniques using this plugin. You can take a look at it here.






All the plugins mentioned above have excellent fill rate and work will when it comes to displaying ads. But as you just read the cordova-plugin-admob-free by ratson is the clear winner.

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