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Admob Interstitial Ads Best Practices For Ionic And Cordova Apps

As we all know interstitial ads generate more revenue than banner ads and who doesn’t love revenue. So here are some best practices the Dos and Don’ts for implementing interstitial ads.

The Dos:

  • Ads should appear at natural app transition points such as at the end of a game level.
  • For data driven apps you could show them when the user has views certain number of screens or has performed certain number of actions.
  • If using time interval to show interstitial ads allow sufficient time between ads.(What is “sufficient time” i am not sure on that probably more that 5 minutes ).

The Dont’s:

  • Don’t display ads after app load.
  • Don’t display ads when exiting the app.
  • Don’t display ads during game play when the user is interacting with the app.
  • Don’t display ads after back buttons.
  • Avoid showing ads on every action taken.
  • Avoid showing ads very short time intervals.
  • Don’t over load your app with Ads.
  • Don’t make your apps content look like an ad, this creates confusion.
  • Don’t surprise users with interstitial ads.
  • Don’t Trick the user in clicking you ads.
  • Avoid placing ads where the user can accidentally click it.


In simple terms Displaying Ads should not be the focus of your app, the focus should be on content. And most importantly make sure you don’t get accidental clicks from the users where you intended to or not. If it is fond so then google can debit you account and refund the ad publisher, stop displaying the ads, ban you AdMob account or all of the above.

For more read the google Interstitial ad guidance


Feel free to mention any point that i might have missed in the comments section 🙂

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