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Building A PC With Amazon India

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I recently found myself in need of a fairly powerful system which would handle all of my development needs, so just like anyone else I did some online research and created a shortlist of the components that I wanted in my news system. As I live in a small city none of the components we readily available with the local shop owners. Most of them didn’t even know some of the brands that I was talking about.

The second option other than buying a PC from your own city was to go to a big city and buy it from there. As I wanted some specific components and did not want to compromise on that and have some “half decent” system shoved down my throat, so I decided not to do that. Besides that would shoot up the cost as I would have to make multiple visits to the city and have the system shipped which was a concern as well.

Before I talk about, I just want to make it clear that this post is in no way sponsored by Amazon and I will be giving my honest opinion.

As I was searching for different components online often the products that were listed we from, full marks to them for getting their SEO right. Also, another thing that I noticed that among all the other major E-commerce players in India Amazon has the latest and the biggest range to choose form. Moreover, Amazon also has some products that are directly shipped from the US, which is a pretty big thing for a small towner like me.

Ordering Form

Corsair 780tFinally, I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered a cabinet from amazon. I wanted to start with the biggest component to get an idea of the packaging and shipping conditions. The cabinet that I got is a mammoth Full Tower case which weighs 16Kgs and 2ft x 2ft x 1ft (h x d x w) in size. I was almost certain that I would get it with some damage if not a big dent. Surprisingly I received the cabinet without event a scratch and the product was sealed in it’s original box and is 100% genuine .

To give you guys an idea about the distance the cabinet had to travel for a good 7-days before it reached me. A package with that much weight and size was surely dropped or handled harshly at some courier node points, but the packaging was done pretty well. All the harsh conditions it might face were accounted for while packing the product.

Ordering the cabinet and receiving it tip-top shape made me confident enough to place orders for other components from But you can never be too sure so I decided to play it safe and order each component one by one and not all in one go. Doing so did take a lot of time for the components to arrive but is was easy on my nerve and on my bank account as well 🙂

Corsair RMx Series RM750X

The next thing that I went with was the SMPS, also known as the Power Supply. Before placing the order I did a lot of online research to make sure that the power supply would actually fit my case. After placing the order from a seller known as “Online King” I got a call from them, they just wanted to make sure that the power supply was of the correct capacity and size. The thing that impressed me about this call is that the seller was not just looking to make “the sell” but was actually concerned to make sure that the product (a power supply in this case) was compatible with other components. I highly recommend the seller as they are selling a variety of other Computer components. In fact, I went ahead and bought my Processor and MotherBoard from the same seller.

Moving on I ordered the rest of the components namely the HardDrive, RAM , CPU Cooler, Case Fans and Windows 10  from various other sellers. As I mentioned above I searched other E-commerce sites as well but they were nowhere near to in terms of providing the variety and discounts.



It did take about a month to get all the products that I wanted. I could have gotten all of them in a week had I ordered them all in one go but I was not confident enough to do so. I did assemble the PC myself with the help of a few YouTube tutorials and now I am writing this post using it.



If you are looking to order some expensive computer parts and are worried like I was, I can tell you from experience that amazon has really up it’s game so far as the selling of computer components is concerned. Make sure you do check the components for their compatibility with each other before you order, also do buy from a seller with high rating even if it might cost you a bit more.

Ordering sensitive computer components with has been a pleasant experience where I received all of the components without any damage and are 100% genuine. I am yet to send anything back to amazon from all of the things that I have bought over the years. Will be shopping with them again for sure.


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