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How to add Banner Ads to jQuery Mobile Apps with PhoneGap using Admob

In this post i will show how you can add Banner ads to a Phonegap app with admob that is using jQuery Mobile.

Before we begin let me tell you that i will be doing another post on adding Interstitial ads so well.

Step 1)

We will first start by creating a new phoneGap project by issuing the following command in the command prompt.


Step 2)

Now we will need to add the platform to out app. So will do the following command


Step 3)

As we will be using the AdMob Pro plugin we will need to download it in our project. We will do that by the following command

You can read more about the plugin in the Admob pro plugin documentation

Step 4)

For this tutorial I will use a simple index.html file you can use your existing file.


As you can see i have done the necessary linking to the jQuery and jQuery-Mobile javascript and css files. I have also added the reference to cordova.js file.

As you can see we have two internal pages and we will link to one external page. One thing to note here is that we are loading the external page using ajax.

Step 5)

Now we will create the external page this is not necessary but as we will test the app in a multi-page scenario we will do this here.


Step 6)

Now we will create the index.js file and in it we will ad the necessary ad code. jQuery Mobile has a tone of page events like pagecreate, pagebeforecreate etc. So feel free to choose any that you find appropriate but for this example i will bind to the pagecreate event and we will put all the ad code in there.

Notice that i am binding to the firstpage with the id #firstpage, here is the full index.js file



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