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PhoneGap Build Beginner : Tutorial 2 – What is Phonegap

PhoneGap is hybrid mobile application development framework in this Tutorial I explain in detail what PhoneGap is and how it works.


What is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is hybrid mobile application development framework based off of Apache Cordova. In simple terms, PhoneGap is one implementation of Apache Cordova.PhoneGap uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create Hybrid apps that can run on Android, iOS and Windows.

How does PhoneGap Work?

Above I used the term “Hybrid Apps”, Let’s talk about that first. What are Hybrid Apps? Hybrid Apps are nothing but apps that use native as well as web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

Now let’s talk about how PhoneGap works, PhoneGap uses a “web view” that runs the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. This web view is wrapped in a native wrapper that can be run on a windows phone. Essentially, think of your PhoneGap app running inside a browser window that can make native calls. Note there that PhoneGap does not serve your files in anyway like a web server, it just runs the code.


Things To Look Out For

Let me point out a few terms that might confuse you when you are learning PhoneGap. If you take a look at the documentation you will find terms such as PhoneGap, PhoneGap build, PhoneGap CLI, Cordova, Cordova CLI.

Let’s differentiate between them one by one,

1 PhoneGap

This term refers to the actual PhoneGap framework.

2 Cordova

This term refers to the Apache Cordova Framework.

3 PhoneGap Build

This term refers to the cloud hosted PhoneGap Build service that you can use to build your apps in the cloud. This is what will be covered in this course.

4 PhoneGap CLI

This term refers to the Command Line Interface that PhoneGap provides installing which you can build PhonaGap apps on your computer. PhoneGap CLI requires you to setup / Install development environment on your computer.

5 Cordova CLI

This term refers to the Command Line Interface that Apache Cordova provides installing which you can build Apache Cordova apps on your computer.


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