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PhoneGap Build Beginner : Tutorial 3 – Phonegap Pros and Cons

There are a lot of hybrid mobile application frameworks out there but PhoneGap shines the brightest among all of them. In this post I will discuss some of the pros and cons of choosing PhoneGap.


  1. PhoneGap is open source
  2. You can create mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  3. Apps for Android, iOS and Windows can be created from the came code.


  1. PhoneGap does not provide any UI elements, for that you will need to use a framework like ionic which is custom made for it. You can also use jQuery mobile but performance of ionic is far better that jQuery mobile.
  2. You cannot create widgets using PhoneGap
  3. To use native device features such as camera,storage,etc you have to rely on Plugins. This is not a big issue but is a device has a feature for which plugin has not be created then you won’t be able to use that feature, which is a rare scenario.



All in all, PhoneGap is an awesome framework that you can leverage to create mobile apps that work on all platforms using a single code base written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



Watch Video Tutorial Here:


Full Course Curriculum : Click here

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