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PhoneGap Build Beginner : Tutorial 4 – Phonegap vs Cordova

The terms Phonegap and Cordova can cause a lot of confusion when reading the documentation. In this post I discuss exactly what is the difference between phoneGap and Cordova.

To understand the difference between PhoneGap and Cordova we must discuss the history or the origin story or PhoneGap. PhoneGap was created by Nitobi in 2009, in 2011 Nitobi was bought over by Adobe, after which it was donated to the Apache foundation. It was then renamed as Cordova which is the street address of Nitobi’s office.

As PhoneGap and Cordova have the same origin you will find that the documentation often jumps from Cordova docs to PhoneGap.

As a beginner, you all you need to know is Cordova is the name of the open source Hybrid mobile application framework and PhoneGap is it’s implementation. Just was webkit is the browser engine that is implemented in chrome or safari browser.


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